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HVAC Services Warman

Your source for furnace and air conditioner installation, maintenance and repair across Warman.

Furnaceguys Heating & Air Conditioning has been proudly providing Warman and the surrounding communities with dependable heating and cooling services since 2008.

From quick and simple furnace or A/C repairs to a full setup and installation of a brand-new furnace, new air conditioner or complete new bundle system, we’re here to help you make your home feel just right with 24/7/365 service.

Our certified HVAC technicians are here to help, no matter the time of year – we offer full service across Warman.

We are always available outside of traditional working hours and even on holidays.

With years of hands-on experience and a fantastic team of skilled technicians and friendly home comfort advisors, furnaceguys is your go-to crew for anything related to your home’s HVAC system in Warman.

Our seasoned pros know the ins and outs of HVAC – from regular tune-ups to tricky fixes and complete installations. At furnaceguys, we’re not just about fixing HVAC systems; we’re about making homes comfortable for homeowners throughout Warman, Saskatchewan. Count on us for top-notch service that goes beyond your expectations. Your satisfaction is our priority, and we take pride in bringing comfort and reliability to your home.

Get 24/7/365 on HVAC Services 

furnaceguys is your most reliable choice for excellent HVAC service that goes above and beyond what you’re looking for. Our service technicians are your on-call partners, ready for maintenance and repairs at no additional cost on weekends and after hours, 24/7/365.

We have a wide selection of HVAC systems to fit your requirements and budget, so if you’re in the market for one, we’ve got you covered. We’ll make sure your comfort doesn’t break the budget by providing appealing discounts and various financing choices.

For an at-home consultation with one of our home comfort advisers, give us a call or use our easy online booking form. All consultation appointments include a complimentary new system purchase quote. 


Improving the overall energy efficiency of your home’s HVAC system not only minimizes your environmental impact but also saves you money on energy bills, which is a bonus in our books. Here are some tips to make your system more energy efficient: 

·  Regular maintenance: Schedule a maintenance appointment with a professional HVAC company at least once a year. This will help keep your equipment in good working order and ensure your HVAC system will operate as efficiently as possible throughout its service lifespan.

·  Install a smart thermostat: Set up programs for the temperature according to your daily schedule by installing a programmable smart thermostat. This keeps you comfortable at home and lets you use less energy while you’re out or sleeping.

·  Seal your home: Seal your home’s windows, doors, and ductwork to prevent leaks and holes in your air duct system. Your HVAC system may have to work more vigorously to maintain the desired temperature as a result of air leaks, wasting energy.

·  Sufficient insulating material: To maintain a constant interior temperature, make sure your house is adequately insulated. Your HVAC system works less vigorously and more efficiently when it is properly insulated.

By applying these energy-efficient practices, you can reduce the energy consumption of your HVAC system, lower your utility bills, and create a comfortable home interior without negatively impacting the environment.

Do you need help making your home’s HVAC system more energy efficient? If so, reach out to the team at furnaceguys to schedule a maintenance appointment with one of our certified and experienced HVAC technicians. Our team is available 24/7/365 days a year, including after-hours, weekends, and holidays at no extra cost!

Book your appointment with furnaceguys over the phone or use our online booking form.

Maintaining your home’s HVAC system on a regular basis will guarantee that it runs well, lowers the likelihood of problems, and lasts longer throughout the years. The type of system, usage, and climatic conditions are some of the variables that can affect how frequently a system needs to be serviced. That said, here are a few general guidelines you can follow:

·  Air filters: Frequently inspect and replace air filters as needed. This should usually be done every 3 to 4 months, depending on the type of air filter.

·  Maintenance: Arrange an annual maintenance appointment with a certified HVAC company at least once a year. For cooling systems, this should ideally be completed in the spring, and for heating systems, in the fall. Expert specialists are capable of carrying out a comprehensive examination, cleaning parts, and resolving any difficulties before they worsen.

·  Ductwork inspection: If necessary, have your ducts inspected and cleaned once every 2 years. It’s best to arrange for a professional examination and cleaning if you see any leaks in the ducts or if there is a noticeable accumulation of dust, mould, or debris around your home.

 Keep in mind that your HVAC system’s particular requirements may differ from those of these general recommendations. Seek guidance from a certified HVAC professional or refer to the user manual for your unit if you’re unclear about the best time to service your system. Nonetheless, frequent maintenance helps detect possible problems early on and resolve them before they become more serious. It also guarantees the system’s efficiency. Therefore, it is crucial that homeowners stay up to date on their preventative maintenance tasks throughout their unit’s service life. 

 To keep your home’s HVAC system in tip-top shape, reach out to the professional HVAC team from furnaceguys for all your repair and maintenance needs! Our team of certified technicians is available 24 hours around the clock, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. That’s right. We’re even available after normal business hours, on weekends, and during holidays without additional charges. 

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If you’re interested in improving the quality of the air in your Warman, Saskatchewan house, think about following these best practices below:  

·  Frequent HVAC maintenance: Make qualified maintenance and checks for your HVAC system a priority at least once a year. This proactive strategy guarantees optimal performance from your home’s HVAC system. Additionally, it is essential for preventing dust and other pollutants from building up inside the system and preserving the general quality of the air in your house.

·  Air filter maintenance: Replace or clean your HVAC air filters frequently. Filters that are clogged can prevent your home from getting enough airflow, which can spread pollutants throughout your rooms. In order to preserve maximum efficiency and air quality, it is recommended that you clean or replace your air filters every three months.

·  Add UV solutions: UV air purification systems are capable of neutralizing and getting rid of airborne viruses, mould, and bacteria in your air. Make an appointment for a consultation with a furnaceguys home comfort specialist to find out if UV air purification is a good fit for your house. They can offer tailored insights according to the particular requirements and budget.

·  Air duct cleaning: Professional cleaning of your house’s air duct system guarantees that there are no obstructions preventing your HVAC system from operating at its best and enhances the quality of the air inside your home. We suggest booking an appointment at least once every 2 years.

 When was the last time you had your home’s HVAC system professionally serviced? If it’s been a while, don’t worry, that’s what the team at furnaceguys is for. Our technicians are available 24/7/365 days a year, including after-hours, weekends, and holidays, at no additional cost to you.

 Call us directly or book your appointment with furnaceguys in Warman, Saskatchewan, using our online booking form.

When selecting a new air conditioner, there are a number of things to take into account to make sure the unit will meet your needs and offer the best possible comfort. In order to assist you in making an informed choice, keep the following points in mind:

·  Size and cooling capacity: Choose the right air conditioner size for the space in question. While a large unit may cycle on and off frequently, lowering efficiency, an undersized unit won’t cool properly.

·  Energy efficient rating (SEER): Aim for a high Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) rated air conditioning unit. Utility bills will be lower when there is greater energy efficiency, as indicated by higher SEER ratings. Models with an Energy Star rating frequently meet or go beyond suggested efficiency requirements.

·  Air conditioning type: Depending on the layout of your house and how much cooling you require, you need to decide between duct or ductless air conditioners. While ductless systems provide flexibility for individual zones, central systems are appropriate for cooling an entire house at once.

·  Think about your budget: Make a budget for your new air conditioner that takes long-term energy savings into account in addition to the purchase price. Also, consider the unit’s lifespan, any discounts, and installation expenses.

·  Installation specifications: Think about the installation specifications for various air conditioning models. While ductless systems are simpler to install in homes without existing ducts, central systems will necessitate a duct system.

·  Warranty coverage: Take note of the manufacturer’s warranty offerings. An extended warranty duration can provide comfort and could be a sign of the manufacturer’s confidence in the dependability of the equipment. 

·  Additional features: Think about air conditioning units that come equipped with smart features like energy-saving settings, Wi-Fi connectivity, and programmable thermostats. Convenience and energy efficiency can be improved by these add-ons.

·  Reviews and reputation of the brand: Look into and select a reliable brand that has received good feedback from customers. Better durability and performance are often associated with an established company.

 As you can see, there is a lot to consider when choosing to install a new air conditioning system in your home. This is why it is absolutely essential that you partner with a professional and trustworthy HVAC company in your area that can help you select an HVAC unit that will fit your needs and budget while providing ultimate comfort.

 If you’re in the market for a new air conditioner system and live in Warman, Saskatchewan, we encourage you to reach out to the team at the furnaceguys to schedule a consultation appointment with one of our expert home comfort advisors.

 During this appointment, they’ll get to know what you’re looking for before conducting a load calculation. This load calculation will help determine what size unit your home needs in order to balance comfort and energy savings. They’ll then walk you through the process of choosing a unit that works with your budget and help you schedule your installation date.

 Further, if you’re interested in saving money on your new air conditioning system, make sure to ask your appointed home comfort advisor about our current discounts and financing options.

 A cooler home interior is around the corner. Call and schedule your consultation appointment in Warman over the phone, or use our online booking form. All at-home consultation appointments include a complimentary new system purchase quote. We look forward to working with you.

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